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Deeply Rooted Music School


Curiosity is a guiding principle of the Deeply Rooted Music School curriculum. Our approach is student-driven, based on play and imagination. Unique to the DRMS pedagogy is our emphasis on composition and analysis, encouraging students to ask the "how" and "why" questions in music. We teach students in a way that develops a lifelong appreciation of music through inquiry-based problem solving, building a student's creative voice and self-expression. DRMS staff work closely together to plan an individualized curriculum for each student, including offering services for students with special needs and accommodations. DRMS values diversity, including recognizing the contributions of historically marginalized groups such as LGBTQ individuals and people of color. We seek to bring in music from a wide variety of genres, curriculum, and teachers that reflect the diversity of our community. All students need to see diverse role models of success that look like them to envision success for themselves.