Announcing the Launch of AMEE: Uniting to Promote Music Education Equity

We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the Alliance for Music Education Equity (AMEE), a collective movement of fourteen Denver-based music organizations united by a shared mission – to make music education accessible, inclusive, and equitable for every child in Denver. We’re pleased to share that our launch has been highlighted by the Colorado Symphony in their recent article: “Fourteen Denver Music Organizations Unite to Launch the Alliance for Music Education Equity”.

As a part of our mission, AMEE aims to address and dismantle systemic barriers that prevent many students, particularly those from marginalized communities, from accessing quality music education. We believe in the transformative power of music, and we are committed to making sure every student has the opportunity to experience this, irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

The Colorado Symphony’s feature offers an insightful look at our formation, our shared vision, and our collective resolve to drive change. It elaborates on our key strategies, such as advocating for policy changes, fostering relationships with schools and educational institutions, and providing resources to support equitable music education in Denver.

The launch of AMEE marks an important milestone in our journey, but we recognize that our work has just begun. The road towards achieving music education equity may be challenging, but with the commitment and collaboration of our member organizations, we are confident in our ability to bring about significant, lasting change.

We invite you to read the Colorado Symphony’s article to learn more about our inception and our vision for a more equitable music education landscape in Denver. Read now:

A sincere thank you to the Colorado Symphony for featuring our launch and amplifying our mission. We also express our deepest gratitude to our member organizations, our community, and all of our supporters for their unwavering faith and support.

As we embark on this journey, we remain steadfast in our belief that music is a universal language that should be shared equally among all children. Join us as we strive to make this vision a reality.

Picture of Ana Uribe-Leteinturier
Ana Uribe-Leteinturier
Ana Luna is a French-Colombian violinist, model, and dancer raised in the U.S. and Colombia. Now based in Denver, she serves as the Director of the Alliance for Music Education Equity and collaborates with local arts organizations. A member of various committees, Ana has a Bachelor's in Violin Performance from Florida State University and a Master's from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. Ana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from the Florida State University’s College of Music where she studied with Corinne Stillwell as well as a Master's degree in Violin Performance from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music where she served as a graduate teaching assistant to Linda Wang and Igor Pikayzen.

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